Immigration Service

An expatriate (short expat) is a person who is temporal or permanent resident in a country rather than that in which she was born and raised. In Dusseldorf, the first port of call for Expats is Expat Service Desk Me & Dus. There, assistance are provided to new expats in order to help them find their way around Germany and the institution.

In cooperation with schools and universities, the FSI Institut of Education supports young expats in finding their way around Germany. This is achieved by the cooperation office by preparing for the study. Applicants from China will be advised and assisted by us in visa procedures, APS procedures, acquisition and proof of German language proficiency, study preparation and university entrance examination. In addition, special talents and potentials in young people will be promoted, such as in the fields of sports, art and music. In addition, bridge courses teach the specific vocabulary to the corresponding subjects in order to overcome the language barrier.

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