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Language Courses Overview:

Berlin in Deutschland

German Courses

It is essential for foreigners living in Germany to speak and write German on a basic level. German is often considered  an especially difficult language to learn, but with our experienced team of teachers, you will soon be able to fluently communicate in German. Our classes are small, so that each students individual needs can be taken into consideration. 


Chinesische Straße

Chinese Courses

China – a country with 2000 years of history and a fascinating culture. Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over one billion people worldwide. Gain access to a whole new world and tackle the challenge of this unique language with our help. Our courses are taught by experienced Chinese teachers, who are fluent in both English and German.

Please contact us for more information.

Big Ben in London

English Courses

English is the most commonly spoken language of the world. Globally, most people speak English as their secondary language, which has made it into a universal language used in business settings, tourism, and every kind of international exchange. We offer courses for beginners, as well as specialized classes for business English, English conversation, and individual tutoring.

Teamwork verschiedener Menschen

Other Languages

We also offer courses in other languages on request. These include, for example, Japanese and Italian. Contact us for more information!

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties in an individual contract, the terms and conditions for participation in our language courses apply.