Language Courses Overview:

Chinese Courses

China is a country with a history of over 2000 years, and has a long and interesting culture. Chinese characters evolved from hieroglyphics, which makes it different from any other language in the world. This even makes the language more attractive and profound. Our courses are taught by senior Chinese teachers, who are fluent in both English and German. For more information, please contact us.


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English Courses

English is universal language. In the world many countries use English as their official language. Nowadays, more and more enterprises are beginning to expand into the global market and as a result, the mastery of a universal spoken foreign language is extremely important for of employees. For students, who have been studying English for many years, they may also encounter a variety of problems when using it. In this way, we plan to provide students with effective English courses.


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German Courses

FSI put forward the concept of small class teaching mechanism for Chinese students. Our basic grammar courses are taught by qualified Chinese teachers, while the listening and speaking courses are taught by experienced German mother-tongue teachers. These has been planned, in order to lay a solid language foundation for our Chinese students and make full preparations for them to have deep learning in later period. The combination of Chinese and German teaching methods is one of our greatest initiatives.

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Other Languages

We also offer courses in other languages on request. These include, for example, Japanese and Italian. Contact us for more information!

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Unless otherwise agreed between the parties in an individual contract, the terms and conditions for participation in our language courses apply.