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English Course

England englische Flagge für Sprachkurse

English is the most commonly spoken language of the world. Globally, most people speak English as their secondary language, which has made it into a universal language used in business settings, tourism, and every kind of international exchange. We offer courses for beginners, as well as specialized classes for business English, English conversation, and individual tutoring.


  • Level: Beginner (A1/2), Intermediate (B1/2), Advanced (C1/2)
  • Target group: Individual or group training
  • Time: flexible schedule
  • Course Forms

      ◦ Trial Course: 2-hour trial course for at least 6 attendees

      ◦ Number of students/attendees : 5–10

      ◦ Private 1-on-1 course: 4 weeks, 10 hours, flexible schedule



Soweit individualvertraglich nichts anderes zwischen den Parteien vereinbart ist, gelten die AGB für die Teilnahme an unseren Sprachkursen.