English Course

England englische Flagge für Sprachkurse

Hello! - How are you?


English is universal language. In the world, many countries use English as their official language. Nowadays, more and more enterprises are beginning to expand into the global market and as a result, the mastery of a universal spoken foreign language is extremely important for of employees. For students, who have been studying English for many years, they might also encounter a variety of problems when using it. In this way, we plan to provide students with effective English courses.


  • Level: Beginner (A1/2), Intermediate level (B1/2), Advanced Level (C1/2)
  • Time: flexible schedule
  • Target group: personal or group training
  • Course Form

      ◦ Experience Course: 2-hour experience course for at least 6 attendees

      ◦ Number of students/attendees : 5–10

      ◦ Private 1v1 course: 4 weeks 10 hours, flexible schedule



Soweit individualvertraglich nichts anderes zwischen den Parteien vereinbart ist, gelten die AGB für die Teilnahme an unseren Sprachkursen.