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German Course

It is essential for foreigners living in Germany to speak and write German on a basic level. German is often considered as an especially difficult language to learn, but with our experienced team of teachers, you will soon be able to fluently communicate in German. Our classes are small, so that each students individual needs can be taken into consideration. Most of our foundational classes start with English speakers, and switch to a full native German speakers as the classes progress. This builds a solid foundation, on which more advanced classes can take place. 



  • Level: Beginner (A1/2), Intermediate (B1/2) Advanced (C1/2)
  • Time: Flexible schedule
  • Target group: all age groups; individual and group courses
  • Course Forms
    • Basic Courses: Weekly classes, weekend classes, evening classes
    • Combined courses and course packages:  Receive a discount on application
    • Featured courses: Grammar, Listening, Active Communication, Examination Preparation, Intensive Courses

FSI Language Level Description



Required prior knowledge

Learning objective

Main areas of focus:


Requirement: None

The course is designed to deepen and broaden your existing skills for active participation in everyday and working life in a German-speaking environment.

The student has no or very little knowledge of German, for example, he/she is only able to introduce him/herself and talk about simple everyday situations.


Ask for directions; describe ways; ask for and give information; talk about housing and household; describe people and character; deify the shape, size and colour of things etc.


With the completion of the A1 level.

In this course the skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking are further developed.

Der Student lernt, sich in vertrauten Alltagssituationen angemessen zu verständigen sowie einfache Texte zu lesen und zu verstehen.


Travel and holidays, living abroad, nature and environment, family, generations, population, housing, concept of home, news, politics, radio programme


With the completion of the A2 level.

The focus in this course is on vocabulary expansion and targeted training of written and oral skills using new and previously learned grammar.

After completion of Basic Level 3 the student should know the basics of German grammar and be able to participate in simple discussions and understand simple texts and newspaper articles.

He/she will deepen and repeat the basic level grammar and learn to hold conversations on interesting topics. The main topics of the course include: Travel & tourism, professions & work, school, education, history, politics & culture, literature.


With the completion of the B1 level.

This course level aims to enable learners to express themselves linguistically in everyday situations as well as in their specific field.

The student learns to express him/herself fluently and without preparation on a variety of selected topics.

Students learn to express their opinions, present their views, discuss, analyse and interpret simple texts, summarise texts and give an explanation. The basic grammar will be repeated and consolidated with the intermediate grammar.


With the completion of the B2 level.

At the upper C1 level, the language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are further consolidated.

Students learn to express themselves clearly orally and in writing on a variety of topics and to understand almost all texts well.


Media, etiquette, happiness and unhappiness, love, family (generation conflict, men and women and family planning), future (computer, internet, genetic engineering), writing (letter, CV, texts), reading (literature, scientific texts)

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties in an individual contract, the terms and conditions for participation in our language courses apply.