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About us

The FSI was established in 2016 in Düsseldorf by founder He Jin. It is located right in the center of Düsseldorf and easily accessible by public transportation. The language school is a bridge between Chinese and German culture, allowing students to refine their communication skills and work on their intercultural competence.

In August 2017, the FSI became an accredited telc certification exam center offering telc examinations in German and other languages, as well as preparatory classes to help you achieve a perfect score.

We provide not only German Courses for all, but also Chinese and other language classes. Our team is young, dynamic, and always open to change. We are committed to create a language learning experience tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us, we are always happy to assist you.


Understanding the World


Speaking a foreign language is getting ever more important in our connected world. Meeting colleagues or friends in their language is a sign of openness and appreciation of their culture. Taking the detour through an interpreter or a third language like English often means that the subtleties of communication are lost.

The FSI offers a tried and tested language curriculum, which will help you reach your goal in no time, no matter whether you are learning for travel or university. 

Our Team


You have a specific question and are looking for the right contact, or you just want to learn more about our team? Let us introduce you to the FSI team.

Jobs and Career Opportunities


Looking for a new challenge? Check out our vacancies and become a part of the team. In addition, we always accept unsolicited applications from freelance teachers for all languages.