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Our Approach

Individual Courses


Before you book a course, we will discuss your personal goals and wishes for the language class. We will then create a personalized offer based on your answers. You can chose between intensive courses for university admission or when moving to Germany, weekend courses if you are working during the week, we even offer online classes. Of course, we are also more than happy to assist companies in preparing their staff for a placement abroad or an international cooperation. If you have any special requirements, we will work with you to develop a class that fits your needs.

A Solid Foundation


In the early phases of learning a language, it’s easy to make mistakes, which in turn might become ingrained habits. For this reason, a solid foundation is very important to us. Out German classes for Chinese speakers start with teachers who are also fluent in Chinese. Explaining grammar and vocabulary is much easier, and students can use their native language to ask questions.

We use a similar principle for other classes. The lessons start with a higher percentage of a native language or English, an progresses to an increasing amount of the target language, until the class is taught completely in the language you wish to learn.

Focus on Communication


When learning a language, you normally have the clear goal of being able to communicate in the target language. But when learning more difficult languages like German or Chinese, even after years of studying, it’s still hard to actively use it. You might be able to conjugate verbs, but during small talk in the grocery store, you might still struggle to articulate your ideas.

This is the reason for focusing on communication in our classes. After participating in one of our courses, you will have the ability – and confidence – to actively speak and write in your target language.