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Our Team

We are always happy to answer any of your questions. You can find the correct contact person for your request below.

Ms. Jin He

General Manager


Ms. Jin He is both the founder and manager of the FSI language institute. Her Master‘s degree in German, as well as her ample experience in both education and business in both China and Germany, allowed her to establish a successful company that serves as a bridge between the two countries.



Ms. Yushan Yuan



Ms. Yushan Yuan is the first point of contact for anyone who has questions about our courses or wants to enroll in our classes.



Mr. Juntai Wei

Management – China


Any requests by Chinese companies, schools, or other institutions land on Mr. Juntai Wei‘s desk. He is responsible for planning and running projects mainly focused on China.



Ms. Anne Wiesner

Management – Germany


Ms. Anne Wiesner processes cooperation inquries by German and international institutions, and manages projects in Germany.





We work with many freelancing teachers to bring you the best language learning experience in a multitude of different languages.


Our teachers have severals years of experience in teaching languages, as well as a degree in a corresponding field.


As soon as the teacher for a class is set, we will inform you. Please be aware that due to the schedule of the teachers and our own classes, there may be last-minute changes.